1. The Website and the Online Store at is run by Zakład Stolarstwa Artystycznego - Szymon Skóra located at: 39-200 Dębica, Kościuszki 101, Poland
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 52 1500 1100 1011 0040 4490 0000 - Santander Bank, NIP: 8133092241 REGON: 180962802.

2. All the materials published at are the property of Zakład Stolarstwa Artystyczny - Szymon Skóra. Copying and distribution with the permission of the author.

3. It is prohibited to send unlawful content.

4. The Regulations apply to the use of the website and the sale of handmade wooden art objects, in particular self-made furniture and interior items, Didgeridoo musical instruments and all articles consistent with the PKD of the registered business, via the Internet.

5. All offered products are new or renewed by re-shaping the surface and applying external coatings and described in accordance with reality.

6. Product information is not an offer, as according to the interpretation of the Civil Code.

7. Using the website and making purchases through the online shop means reading and agreeing to these regulations.


Orders can be made:

1. by phone - by contacting the Company on the given phone numbers and individually agreeing the terms of payment and delivery / collection, as well as the price, depending to a certain extent on the method of delivery.

2. by e-mail - by contacting the company to the e-mail address and also individually agreeing to the terms of payment and delivery / collection, as well as the price, depending to a certain extent on the method of delivery.

3. using the standard online store purchasing procedure, including: optional customer registration or just submission of address details necessary for shipping, selecting the delivery and payment method.

4. For any form of order, it is necessary to provide standard address details necessary for shipment.

5. As a standard, gross prices are given, including shipping costs by delivery services, as DHL, InPost, FedEx or via Poczta Polska within Poland, depending on the type of goods.

6. In the case of personal collection at the company's site, the price is reduced accordingly by the shipping costs. Prior phone contact is required.

7. In the case of shipping abroad, additional costs are determined individually and the currency converter applies on the day of purchase.

Available payment methods in PLN include:

  1. in cash in case of personal collection at the company's site
  2. by bank transfer to the account: 52 1500 1100 1011 0040 4490 0000, Santander Bank
  3. cash on delivery by a delivery service company or Poczta Polska

1. In the case of payments in currencies: EUR, GBP or USD, it is possible to pay only via PayPal.

2. Due to the fact that products are unique and at the same time can be displayed on auctions, advertising, etc., there is a low probability of buying an article through the online store procedure, which is already sold elsewhere, before it is removed from the shop. In this case, the company contacts the customer and offers: a full refund of the transfer amount to the customer's bank account, making a product similar to the order (with extended delivery time) or offering a similar product available in the shop.


1. The customer is informed by e-mail about the confirmation of the order being accepted by the shop.

2. In the case of payment by bank transfer or PayPal, the condition of starting the order is to record the payment on the bank account: 52 1500 1100 1011 0040 4490 0000, for which the customer has 14 calendar days, and in the absence of payment, the order is canceled.

3. In the case of payment on delivery or from the moment the payment is recorded on the bank account, the order is processed within a maximum period of 4 business days (usually 1-2 business days).

4. The goods are usually sent via DHL, InPost, FedEx delivery services within 1-2 business days, or Poczta Polska within 3-4 business days in Poland. On the day of dispatch, the customer is informed about it by email. The company is not responsible for the delay in delivery of goods caused by the fault of the delivery company or Poczta Polska.

2. In the case of shipping abroad, the delivery time is set individually, depending on the country and method of shipment.

3. The Shop shall not be liable for delivery errors resulting from the provision of incorrect contact details by the customer.

4. In the event of traces of opening the parcel, the lack of goods in the package or damage caused by the fault of the delivery service, all claims in this respect are demanded from the delivery service and belong to the customer, regardless of whether the damage report was written in the presence of an employee of the transport company or no. The value of the parcel, equivalent to the amount paid, is determined in the presence of an employee of the delivery company, who from that moment bears full responsibility for the parcel at the time of delivery.

5. Due to the fact that the business is run by a single person, in exceptional cases of a longer business trip / vacation, the time of order processing may be extended. Information about this will be on the website and the customer will be informed by e-mail when placing an order through the shop.


1. The company gives a 2-year warranty on its products, including defects in workmanship, lack of elements, or non-compliance of the goods with the description. The warranty does not cover defects arising as a result of improper use, storage or maintenance of products, as well as a result of unauthorized interference with the product beyond standard maintenance(this applies in particular to varnish and oil coatings).

2. In the event of a basis for complaint, please contact the company by e-mail or phone, describe the type of defect, and return the faulty product, properly packaged and secured. You can also send the product back and attach a written description of the fault.

3. The company does not accept cash on delivery parcels.

4. If the complaint is justified, the product is repaired or replaced with a new one. Standard repair of minor defects does not exceed 14 days from the receipt of the returned product. In the case of major repairs, the time is determined individually and if it is significantly extended, it is possible to refund the entire amount at the client's request.

5. If the repair cannot be carried out, the customer shall be refunded the entire amount paid, similar ready-made product or made to order shall be offered.

6. After repair, the product is returned via delivery service: DHL, InPost, FedEx or Poczta Polska at the expense of the Shop.


1. The customer, as a private person (not representing a company), has the right to return the goods without giving a reason within 10 calendar days of receiving of the product.

2. A properly secured product with must be returned at customer’s own expense, cash on delivery parcels are not accepted.

3. The basis for accepting the return is undamaged product, with no visible signs of use.

4. After accepting the return, the entire amount paid shall be returned by bank transfer to the customer's bank account within 5 business days.


1. All personal data provided when placing the order are used by the company only for the purpose of processing orders and compulsory tax declarations with state institutions.

2. Customers' personal data are completely confidential and are not shared with any third parties.

3. Customers registered in the online store using the registration form have the right to modify or delete their personal data at any time.

4. The administrator of personal data is the company owner, Szymon Skóra.


1. The Shop reserves the right to change the content of these regulations, about which it notifies the registered customers of by email.

2. In matters not covered by the content of these regulations, the relevant legal acts shall apply, as provisions of the Civil Code, the Act on the provision of electronic services, the Act on specific conditions of consumer sales, the Act on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product, the Act on the protection of personal data and others. [b]

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