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Log and live edge wooden objects are, from the historical perspective, the most original form of utilitarian wood. Fragments of trunks and branches in their natural shape have been present since the dawn of history in construction and for the production of various equipment: furniture, agricultural tools, weapons, etc. Inspiring to some extent by the primordial and folk equipment, the basic form of workshop creation are products with naturalistic shapes (the so-called live edge or Log Furniture). The main assumptions are the highest quality of hard wood of valued species such as ash, cherry, walnut, oak, robinia, quality finish products like, varnish, epoxy resin, brass, chromium nickel, semi-precious stones and other artistic materials, as well as the highest care and accuracy by means of traditional carpentry techniques and the style of individual products being artistic, original and unique.

Products are mainly on individual order, and ready-made available. Due to the long, time-consuming and multi-stage process of project realization, in accordance with the craft tradition, starting with raw sawn timber - the order processing time is usually a minimum of 2-3 months. For technical and workshop-space reasons, these are mainly small and medium-sized versions, the maximum length of elements is about 2.3 meters, and the weight of products or their elements within 50 kg.

In general, finishing elements (tops, curtain boards, slats, decorative boards), small and medium-sized furniture (shelves, racks, cabinets, desks, benches, tables and other), decorative equipment and wooden items for home use (hangers, lamps, kitchen items, wall decorations, etc.), didgeridoo musical instruments and other custom made designs - made of various fragments and types of hardwood species with an interesting, difficult-to-process grain pattern. The final form and style depends most on the customer's preferences, and for my part, I try not to rigidly enclose in any of the specified styles, not to create replicas and styles for typical antiques or folk handicrafts, but projects entirely original.

Artistic Woodworking Workshop

Szymon Skóra


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